Moving Video: Models reveal insecurities on camera

I wasn’t expecting to be as moved by this video as I was. These girls got real and went past the typical model talk of insecurities (ie, I hate my big feet; I was awkward in high school because of my mile long legs). No!  Some deep insecurities were shared that I think a lot of us can relate to. Great video!


Moving Video: Models reveal insecurities on camera

Special Event Styling

photo (1)(Aidan Mattox, size 0 )

I can help you find the perfect outfit/dress for any of your special events. The most frequent special events I have been dressing people for are:





Having pictures taken/Photoshoots

Bachelorette Party

Birthday Party

For any upcoming events in your life where you find yourself needing something new to wear, contact me! I will bring you beautiful pieces to wear and you will save money.

These two gowns are examples of gowns I have that would easily work for pageants as well as prom.

pageant size 4specialeventSize 0

Special event styling is $75-$100 

To set up appointments, contact (661) 364-6843 or email

Special Event Styling

Dressing for your body type: Which type are you?


Inverted triangle– bottom half is smaller than top.  Shoulders/back are more broad, little definition between waist and hips.

The Lean Column – narrow shoulders; smaller bust; narrow hips

The Rectangle – bust and widths are approx. the same width; little waist definition

The Apple– rounded shoulders; fuller stomach area

The Pear– full hips and thighs; defined waist; smaller top half/bust

The neat hourglass – defined bust; defined waist; curvy bottom

The full hourglass– bigger thighs; rounded bottom+hips; small waist; full bust

Dressing for your body type: Which type are you?