Pieces for on camera

 Wardrobe Styling- On Camera- I always select pieces for on-air that are well-structured, simple, and flattering. Bold, beautiful colors that pop are great for camera and TV. My favorite colors to work with depend on my client and what flatters her. However, overall my favorite colors for camera are blues (esp cobalts and royals); green (unless it’s for a weather girl- she’ll key out);  purples (violet/plum/magenta); and pinks (fuschia/watermelon). White and black can work for on camera if the lighting is adjusted accordingly while taping.

Liberte Chan of KTLA – This cobalt blue dress Liberte is wearing has a great cut on the bottom, hard to see, but you can see part of it in the bottom two pictures. Many women don’t care to go sleeveless for on camera (as well as in real life!), which is why cap sleeves are a great alternative- they give you a whisp of a sleeve, which can be incredibly flattering if it hits your arm just right- yet they almost make you feel like you are wearing a sleeveless piece.


Cowl necks-  such as the one pictured below- tend to make people “iffy”- and understandably so because sometimes you tend to have to keep adjusting them. If the piece you are using is well structured, then the cowl neck will be too, like the one Gabriela is wearing.


Pieces for on camera

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